Following the Government's shock announcement in November 2020 that only battery-electric cars can be sold in the UK from 2030 onwards, the entire country needs a vehicle-charging infrastructure created from almost scratch. From Land's End to John O'Groats and from forecourts, offices, shopping centres, urban terraced houses, to remote homes in the Shetlands, the infrastructure project is going to be one of the largest undertaken in UK history. 

Creating an electric-car charging infrastructure in record time

The publisher of Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International is delighted to announce that The UK Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Symposium will take place in London's County Hall from 5-6 September 2022

The conference, which will also feature a small selection of handpicked exhibitors showcasing electric-vehicle charging infrastructure technologies and services, will bring together local authorities, car park operators, energy providers, car manufacturers, and forecourt operators to discuss, debate and present solutions to electrifying the entire country in a handful of years. 

What to expect

Delegates can expect to see presentations from some of the best-known, most-qualified experts on electric-vehicle charging infrastructure. We'll focus on which charging technologies to employ, plus how best to future-proof your charging infrastructure. 

With key figures from car manufacturers talking about their product plans and their impact on charging to senior figures from energy providers who will discuss how to install a country-wide charging network in record time, The UK Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Symposium takes place in the heart of London, overlooking the Houses of Parliament, and will be co-located with The UK CAV Infrastructure Symposium. Dedicated to connected vehicle technologies and the path towards driverless vehicle introduction in the UK, delegates will be able to participate in both conferences at no extra cost.

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